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I help your child pass French

Does your child...

- Feel powerless to improve their grade in French?
- Dread going to French class?

- Feel like the teacher "hates" them or that they are just "no good" at French?

- Make excuses for why they can't ask for help at school?


I  meet students where they are, design a customized approach, and help them feel good about themselves and improve their French grade.

I have been a public and private school classroom teacher, and I'm a mom too! I know what it's like to want to find the right help for your little pumpkin.

I help struggling students to...

Improve their grade

One-on-one instruction is so much more effective than sitting in a full classroom with one teacher. Students feel comfortable sharing with me what they really know and don't know so that we can get right to essentially what they missed the first time around.

Develop study skills

Learning a second language is different than any other course and requires a different set of skills.  I help students discover what strategies will work best for them on a daily basis to keep up with what is going on in class.

Find their voice

A little practice goes a long way for speaking French or English!  I help students understand effective ways to ask for what they need from their teacher at school so they know exactly what is expected of them.


About Your Teacher

Bonjour! I'm Sarah Carroll

I love to turn frowns upside-down, ignite a student’s interest in learning, and help kids turn their frustration into inspiration. Teaching is my passion, and I believe  with the right kind of help, every student can become confident and competent in the French language.

I've seen too many students think that they are “not good at French” because they struggle with the way it is taught in their school.  To reduce self-doubt and increase success with students, the approach has to be customized. I help my students not only with short term solutions, but with long term strategies.

I’ve been told I have a contagious enthusiasm. You’ll often hear me using character voices, catch phrases, and personal stories to help students have fun learning French.

Sarah Carroll holds a Master of Education from The University of Pennsylvania. She has been teaching French since 2004 for students ages 2 to 82, holds a Level II PA State Certification, and has public and private school teaching experience.

Read more about her Experience and Education here.


Get inTouch

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